bep · 2018/12/03 · 2 minute read

What The Toot Is An Instance (What The Boost Is A Tootdon)

Hi! If you are reading this, you are probably using mastodon. Thats really cool :D! You might be just using it like speedy twitter, but it has some cool fun features and safety mechanisms and a big fun word called decentralization that like you might really like.

So like, you’ve probably used email before. There are a bunch of email services, like Yahoo Mail, and Gmail, and they all talk the same language, which is cool. This means I can email from and they both present it in a sane way and speak to each other. Mastodon took this idea and applied it to twitter clones! This means that if the mods do something dumb, or you want to run your own mastodon with modifications or your own custom emojis, you can do that, and people from other ones can follow you without making an account on it! Heres an example: gets banned for saying that mastodon stinks and is for little baby guys. I tell all my friends to share my new account,, which allows you to call people baby guys. and connect to each other and send my tweets and likes and all that where it should go safe and sound. If an instance appears that sends out profane and abusive content, the operators of and can block them from interacting with their users.

Even simpler: a funny graph funnny graph

If any of the instances make rules you dont like you can move over to a different one! Its kind of like free market or something i dont know anyways follow me please

The bottom line: If the site begins to dissapoint you in any way, you can run your own, and it will work with the other one (unless they block yours).